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From Karim:

I tried a couple of classes at a different gym and immediately thought that it wasn’t for me due to my back and shoulder problems. However, this time it was COMPLETELY different, and the number one reason was the warmth and the family atmosphere that you feel right away as soon as you step foot in the Level Method Gym!… This gym has shaped an essential part of me and that’s discipline and dedication, and has become an important part of my life. I have a connection and a special relationship with every athlete in that gym as well as every coach. This has become something way more than just a gym. It’s become a second home, and people have become family.”

From Janese:

From the moment I stepped into this gym everything has changed. I thought I was at least in fairly “good shape”… As years went by I learned more about nutrition through all the different challenges that we did. I learned what worked for me.
Level Method, the coaches and the athletes, they’ve all helped me so much with everything encompassing my life; nutrition, confidence, lifting, cardio, daily gab fest which is like my therapy, the list goes on”

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