Our Team

  • Nathan spent 5 1/2 years in the Army and was deployed to Baghdad, Iraq in 2006 on a Sniper team. He has been pursuing strength since 2002 and coaching and competing since 2008. His great passion, aside from fitness, is nutrition. He has spent thousands of hours learning and experimenting with dietary protocols. The result is a unique base of knowledge not commonly found. He got his BA in Business going to school at night.

    In 2016 Nathan developed the Level Method of Athletic Progression (MAP), a completely unique, data driven system that offers clients unparalleled insight into their fitness. Implemented into the Level Method Gym, the MAP delivers the coaching staff a powerful tool to achieve unimaginably good results for Level Method Members.

    Some of his PRs include a 505# Deadlift, 425# Squat and 280# Snatch. He has a sub 6:40 2k row, Sub 3 min Fran as well as a sub 60 second 400m run. This isn’t to brag but to illustrate he practices what he preaches, and will help guide your way. He’s committed to leading the Level Method Staff and community in the pursuit of true excellence.

  • Alexandra started Crossfit in October 2011. She wasn’t planning to workout more than two times a week, as she was concerned with getting “too muscular” if she did “too much lifting”. She hadn’t been exposed to sports or working out before, and shared the common misconception that lifting heavy, in a sense,  meant losing femininity. She was convinced that the gym thing was not for her, plus it was intimidating.

    Within six months of sticking to the schedule she was in love with so many aspects of the sport as a whole, and realized so many elements of those group classes made this style of training special;
    The way each workout could mentally and physically test you, the self-reflection and mental-strengthening that happened in the aftermath, and the camaraderie within the gym culture was inspiring and addicting.
    As she grew as an athlete, she became more eager to guide others, and after a year of training was ready to pursue her credentials to begin coaching.

    Today, the most rewarding part about being a coach is watching our members start and progress through their journey in fitness.

    She wants men and women to realize how the discovery of physical strength can lead to personal growth and confidence, in all aspects our lives.

    She is most interested in supporting and connecting with each individual in a way that is tailored to them, allowing them to feel safe, motivated, and absolutely proud of the hard work they put into themselves inside and outside of our gym.

    Her specific passions related to coaching are nurturing the strong female community at Level Method, studying Sport Psychology and human behavior, and practicing self-improvement techniques.

  • I have been involved in sports ever since I was a kid. Football, baseball, basketball, just about everything; this eventually led to my introduction to weight training my freshman year of high school football. I immediately became fascinated with the idea of getting stronger and gaining muscle. After a few years of  “training” in high school, I was introduced to Next Level Crossfit (now Level Method) by the athletic trainer (Shalina) at my school. From this point on I was interested in Crossfit, training on and off for a few years, but never fully buying in. After seeing a competition, however, I was hooked and knew that this is something I wanted to be a part of. A year from that point I became a coach at Level Method Gym. I have been training and coaching Crossfit ever since, and couldn’t be happier. I love seeing members progress and push themselves farther than they ever thought they could (like I did when I first started). I am currently in school finishing a business degree with a kinesiology minor at Cal State Fullerton, and I hope to use my minor education to continue to help Level Method members reach their goals.
  • Craig grew up racing motocross and spent five years at the professional level. This resulted in multiple injuries and a lot of rehabilitation, leading him to choose a career in the sports medicine field, so he might assist those who are injured desiring to get back to what they like to do. Craig received a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, while working through the ATEP (Athletic Training Education Program) at Cal State University Fullerton. Upon graduation, he passed the NATA-BOC Athletic Training Certification exam in 2009. He’s had about 5 years of work experience with soccer, basketball, volleyball, track, softball, baseball, football, wrestling and in a physical therapy clinic. Through his racing career a high level of fitness was a necessity, and since then Craig has always enjoyed training. Shortly after college he was introduced to CrossFit by his wife and was immediately hooked. It was the perfect combination of competition and pushing his body to its limits. His passion has become more focused in the area of programming and nutrition, and he enjoys researching and learning more whenever he can.
  • Lauren stepped into the sport of CrossFit rather unexpectedly. She grew up studying ballet with a passion and running cross country. Ever since her ballet study ended, due to a family move back in 1997, she consistently explored alternative avenues to try and replace her love of dance and stay fit and healthy. Nothing seemed to stick. It wasn’t until a group workout (facilitated by her personal trainer back in 2009) that incorporated CrossFit movements that Lauren realized she had found “it”. Lauren was not only uncovering strength that she never knew she had, but was having so much fun at the same time! Her desire to learn more about health and wellness, fitness and nutrition also kicked into gear.

    What Lauren enjoys most about training and coaching is seeing people unlock capabilities they never knew were there, just like her own experience. She especially loves the empowering and STRONG community of women at Level Method. Lauren graduated from Arizona State University in 2010, with a BA in Political Science and an emphasis on International Studies. She has also recently gone back to ballet!

The Level Method Gym Difference

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The most a class will ever have is 8 members, with the exception of Happy Hour and Thunder Dome. We maintain this standard through mandatory class reservations. This allows us to give you hands on, personal coaching in every class, every time. That means better, safer and faster progress for you.