Lucinda Marinus

“What can I say about this wonderful place? Pretty much the highest recommendation I can give, which is that my life changed when I walked in the door. The coaches are so knowledgeable and encouraging. They really go the extra mile to provide a full personalized wellness experience, incorporating Fitness, nutrition, flexibility and mobility, breath work, gymnastics, and even meditation. And now The Level Method, which is truly revolutionary and gives every member a pathway to increased fitness with a focus on well-roundedness and safety. More than anything I think my results speak for themselves. When I started with Level Method about 2 years ago, I was overweight, unhealthy, and unhappy. Now I am 40 lbs lighter, down to 18% body fat, fit, athletic, and healthy…but most important of all, happy! Happy to come here 5 or 6 days a week. Happy to see my gym family. Happy to participate in fun gym events like beach workouts, competitions, and obstacle courses. Happy to be part of such an amazing and special place.”

Mia Leitman

“Can I give this gym a 10 star? I’m a newbie in Fitness, I tried it once before years ago but didn’t stick with it as I didn’t want to get injured from not being taught the proper moves. I joined last summer and I’m hooked. I absolutely love this gym and the amazing coaches – they are so knowledgeable, motivating and just so nice, and…super strong. You know they know what they’re teaching and I’m learning the techniques safely and correctly. The classes max out at 8 people so you always feel like you’re getting a semi- private training while having fun training with others. Can I also mention the members- I felt so welcomed from the moment I stepped into the gym feeling no intimidation (since I didn’t know what I was doing). Everyone is geniune, helpful and supportive. It’s so much fun! I noticed I’ve gotten stronger and I can’t wait to reach my next “level!” Thank you to Nathan, Alex, Craig and Brian. You guys rule!”

Frank Battaile

“I’ve been coming here for three years. I haven’t been this fit since I was in my early twenties in the military, if ever. The coaching is superb. They are very professional. No matter how out of shape you are now, they will work with you. You will get in shape, you’ll look good, and you’ll get there without getting hurt.”

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