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"I Thought There Was No Way, But Within 4 Weeks I Had Leveled Up..."
Private Training
Accelerated Level Method Testing Package

Looking to get your levels testing done faster so you can get your first master level? Well here’s your opportunity to work with one of our coaches one-on-one as they walk you through the Level Method testing at an accelerated rate. 
4-Week Level Method Fundamentals Course

Learn the fundamentals of the Level Method Gym System. We’ll teach you all of the basic movements in depth, provide foundational nutrition information, and review the breathing, mobility/flexibility, and meditation techniques. Fundamentals are the key to success, too many folks are trying to rush things. When we rush, mistakes happen. This course will lay a solid foundation to ensure longevity and health and is done in four one-on-one sessions, one session per week
6-Week Virtuosity Package

Technique is the linchpin that holds everything together here at Level Method Gym. Without good technique, injuries are inevitable, progress will stall, and frustration ensue. Not only that, by engaging in the process of getting better, and understanding the nuances of movement patterns, you become a fitter, faster human more quickly. Technique and practice is the secret formula for improving rapidly. Give yourself a clear advantage, get the edge, by mastering one of the most important parts of fitness. 

1 private session per week for a minimum of 6 weeks.
6-Week Mastery Package

When you focus on weaknesses you get the biggest bang for your buck. And while doing a supplemental program is exactly that, a program focusing on your weaknesses, our Mastery Package is done in-person, is fully personalized, includes nutrition and lifestyle coaching, and is a dynamically changing program that changes as you master your weaknesses. Sit down with one our coaches and jettison what’s been holding you back! We’ll develop a plan to systematically address your weaknesses in an interactive and truly personalized way.  

2 private sessions per week for a minimum of 6 weeks
6-Week Performance Package

This is for someone who wants it all. You want to get better as fast as possible. To get to our destination, we need to have an accurate starting point. So this package stars with a series of questionnaires that tell us where we are. Then we have a meeting to discuss the results, sit down and develop a fully customized plan that includes training, nutrition & lifestyle, and mobility & breathing. The things learned in these sessions will lay the necessary knowledge foundation to achieve all of your goals. You will understand our “system,” and you’ll know the behind-the-scenes reasoning of everything we do. Plus, you’ll know exactly how to do it so you can repeat it. 

3 private sessions per week for a minimum of 6 weeks
Custom Training & Nutrition
Level Method Custom Nutrition Prescription

Includes a Before and After Inbody (Value: $50) and a 20 minute session or phone call to discuss and clarify everything, and a 4-Week follow up call. IMPORTANT: It is HIGHLY recommended that you have experience with weighing and measuring, and it is not an issue for you. If you’re just starting, consider a Level Method Lifestyle/Nutrition Consulting Package FIRST, in order to establish foundational habits and understanding - more info is further down the page.  

8-Week Level Method Supplemental Program Design

8-week Level Method Supplemental Program Design - Based on your current two lowest weaknesses within the Level Method. Automatically delivered to you within the Level Method App. Includes 20 min private session (Value: $44) to review the movements of your program and explain everything in depth, and a 4-Week follow up call. 

12-Week Level Method Strength Program 
(Dynamically Adjusting)
This is the "secret" go-to strength training program that the Level Method Coaches use for their own strength development.  

It is a twelve-week dynamically-adjusting strength specific training program that includes four movements: Back Squat or Front Squat, Deadlift or Sumo Deadlift, Press, and Bench Press. 

It is designed to be done 4 times per week with a time commitment of under 30 minutes for each session and delivered to you in 4 three-week waves. 

It sounds complicated, but I promise, all you have to do is follow the program and watch the strength come. 
(As long as you put in the work) 

Each wave is adjusted based on the results of the previous, which you must provide via email.
(You'll know exactly what to do)

If this is your first 12-Week Strength cycle, you will receive a 45 minute technique session where we will go over all the movement details and ensure you understand the program completely.

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